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Mary Alex Daniels

Artist, Leader, Optimist

     There is nowhere to hide in the theatre; it is raw, alive, and unpredictable, which I think is an incredible way to live as an artist. I am a woman, a storyteller, a theatre artist, a creator who desires to share physical space with other artists and audience members. I’m interested in inspiring deep connections to the self and to others through my work that is not found easily in everyday life. I will harbor mental and physical presence in the face of decreasing attention spans and increased technology. In my theater there will be a desire to be present, to be connected, to welcome the feeling, and to want to share that with others. My art will include. It will work at breaking down systemic and elitist barriers in the theater space that I have been privileged to benefit from. It will share, it will support stories from different perspectives. My art will welcome others, and tear down gatekeepers. I will hold onto the tradition of gathering in a shared space to tell a story and have a shared experience, even in the face of a virtual future. I want to live in the space and time where the lights dim in the theatre, and there is a palpable energy and excitement of what is about to come.



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